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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is not a one time event. We build open enrollment communication campaigns to make sure people are fully engaged and equipped to make the right benefits choices.



Communication Campaign

Our communication campaign is designed to engage and inform your people.

We use multiple touchpoints and reminders to make sure they have the information they need and
know what they need to do.


Virtual or In-Person Open Enrollment

Our approach to open enrollment is to provide simple, clear, and action-oriented information to your people.

Our goal is to equip them to make the right decisions about healthcare and benefits for themselves and their families.


One-to-One Meetings or Phone Calls

There is no substitute for sitting down with someone to help you make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

With one-to-one video meetings or phone calls, we are able to provide more availability to meet your team's needs and provide the same one-to-one attention as always.



People struggle to understand how an HSA works, or what a deductible vs out-of-pocket maximum mean. We create educational videos to help your team understand.


Postcards are an effective way to keep everyone in the loop - your employee and their significant other. We use postcards to highlight open enrollment dates and topics.


Colorful flyers, mailed in your company's branded envelopes to your employees' homes, communicate what's staying the same, what's changing, and what employees need to do for Open Enrollment.


We can create personalized letters to remind employees of their current benefit elections and communicate future benefits. We mail the letters to employees' homes for secure and confident access.


Emails should communicate what employees need to do for open enrollment, in simple terms.


We send personalized text messages at just the right times to garner attention and promote action.


Highlight your benefits in a beautifully-designed document that reads like a magazine.


Don't have an HRIS? No problem. We can create HIPAA-certified online forms to capture your employees' open enrollment elections (also good for new hires and employees with qualified life events)

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