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MCL Communications was borne out of a need to help employers communicate their healthcare and benefit offerings to their employees in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

In 2013, we recognized that simple PowerPoints and insurance carrier-issued stock materials just weren't cutting it anymore when it came to conveying important healthcare and benefits information.

So we took on a new approach. 


We created our first animated explainer video that year and never looked back. From there, we started creating attractive benefit highlights to help communicate employer offerings.

As we progressed, we found that what our clients needed were yearlong communication plans that would help educate and engage their teams. So we built out strategies to help each client communicate with their teams all throughout the year, using postcards, emails, benefit websites, and more.

Our team lives and breathes this stuff. But more importantly, we are laser focused on providing a client experience unlike any other. When you work with MCL Communications, you'll get a scrappy team of professionals that knows how to get the job done on time and on budget. You'll get solid communication throughout the process so you're never left guessing. You'll get flexibility so when new laws or rules change midyear, or you want to offer a new plan offering, we pivot.

Ready to chat? Take the first step by scheduling a 30 minute Zoom call with us. 

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